ProPud Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee is prepared with cold water in at least 12 hours, which gives a sweeter and more round coffee taste. The coffee is not as bitter and has less tannic than traditionally brewed coffee. Our Cold Brew Coffee contains 37% cold brew coffee, have no added sugar, lactose free and are protein enriched.

NJIE Candy Bars

Our new candy bars of 30 grams are with no added sugar and very tasty!

Njie Energy

Sugar free energy drink with caffeine in exciting flavours. Enriched with magnesium, zinc, L-carnitine and vitamins.


Zero sugar - soda for smart people! Freeno is a carbonated and sugar-free soda with vitamins and antioxidants.

ProPud Protein Bars

The new NJIE ProPud Protein Bars gives your body what it needs. A simple and tasty snack with 21g of protein and no added sugar.

ProPud Protein Milkshake

ProPud® Protein Milkshake is a smooth, tasty lactose-free milkshake available in three tasty flavours. Each ProPud Protein Milkshake contains 20G of protein, without any added sugar. Served best cold.

ProPud Protein Pudding

ProPud® Protein Puddingis a light, creamy and lactose-free protein pudding available in seven delicious flavours. Each ProPud Protein pudding contains up to 50G of protein, without any added sugar.

Fruit Drink

Our new fruit drinks are sugar free, added vitamins and are available in three refreshing flavours. Just so you can enjoy a good drink for breakfast or whenever you want during the day.

ProPud Ice Cream

New improved recipe and creamier consistency in brand new flavours. High in protein, low in sugar and lactose free. Simply a must in the freezer! Cool. Tasty. Whenever.

ProPud Crunchy Granola

ProPud Crunchy Granola. Perfect as a quick and easy alternative to breakfast, with Crunchy Granola in the lid. ProPud Crunchy Granola is lactose-free, without added sugar, enriched with15g of protein per cup. Spoon included.

ProPud Vanilla Sauce

Just visiting during the summer season!
Delicious and creamy vanilla sauce. Can be whipped for thicker consistency.
High in protein, lactose free and no added sugar.